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White House News (白宮消息) | Jan. 14, 2021

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Trump disavows 'political violence' at 'the incursion of the US Capitol' in new video released by White House, but does not concede

Jan. 14 - "Trump did not concede in the video, nor did he admit there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election. The president only went so far as to say he will work to "ensure that a transition can occur safely and without incident" as around 21,000 National Guard troops secure the nation's capital, more than the US military has deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

He also did not acknowledge his second impeachment, which was the most bipartisan in US history"...   more details

华盛顿进入紧急状态 特朗普遭弹劾会否引发新骚乱?20210112 |

Jan 13, 2021
Simpsons writer reacts to the show’s ‘prediction’ about Joe Biden’s inauguration day: ‘Please don’t make it come true’

Fans claimed a recent ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode could foreshadow future events

Jan 13 - One of the creators of The Simpsons has reacted to the suggestion that a recent episode has “predicted” the events of Joe Biden’s forthcoming inauguration.

The hit animation has become notorious for “predicting” news stories before they happen, such as the election of Donald Trump to US president, with some events featuring in episodes decades before occurring in real life.

In the wake of the pro-Trump riots in Capitol Hill, some Simpsons fans claimed that the series had “predicted” the event in a scene from the 1996 episode “The Day the Violence Died”.

Now, stalwart Simpsons writer Al Jean has responded to another scene from a more recent episode of the show, which some people suggest could foreshadow more disturbances during Biden’s inauguration.

With Trump currently facing a potential impeachment over his role in apparently inciting the 6 January riots, experts warn that Biden’s inauguration is likely to be met with protests and more violence from right-wing extremists.     continue to read
10 Simpsons Predictions That Could Come True In 2020
Feb 26, 2020
Some Of These Simpsons Predictions Have Already Come True Subscribe to our channel: The Simpsons has an uncanny ability to predict the future -- or we all can twist and change small moments and gags to make it seem like they do. Either way, we’ve heard the show predict Trump would be President and that Disney would buy 20th Century Fox. So what’s next?! Let’s kick things off with one of the first 2020 predictions that became a reality -- the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Say what?! Well, let’s flashback to the season 10 episode "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday." In the story, Homer and the gang attend a Super Bowl in Miami, where an unnamed team in red wins the Super Bowl! Flash forward to the first week in February of 2020 and BOOM, there we have it! The key to this prediction comes in two forms -- first was the jersey the Chiefs wore for the game. They could have easily been in white, but their home team status ensured they were in red. In the episode “Bart to the Future”, we have another fun moment featuring Marge and Homer enjoying dinner together. But Marge didn’t spend hours preparing a perfect meal. Her and Homey simply suck some tubes in their mouths as they enjoy VR food. So far, half of this scene has become a reality. With thirty plus seasons of content, there are things that are bound to come true in 2020 -- including some major sports predictions, future technology, and possibly another Presidential prediction! Now it’s time to predict what The Simpsons already predicted that will most definitely come true! Make sense? Sure!

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