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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

White House News (白宮消息) | Oct 21, 2020

OCTOBER 20, 2020
Campaign 2020
President Trump Campaigns in Erie, PA
President Trump delivers remarks at a campaign rally in Eria, PA in support of his reelection.
Live: Trump campaigns in Erie, Pennsylvania
Oct 20, 2020
2020 Election Live Updates: Trump Campaign Coffers Shrink to $63 Million Two Weeks Before Election Day

President Trump and Joe Biden are tied in Georgia, a New York Times/Siena College poll found, and Democrats are gaining in both Senate races there. Crowds gathered for Wisconsin’s first day of in-person voting and Florida broke a record for early voting.

President Trump at his campaign rally at Erie International Airport in Erie, Pa.
Trump says before coronavirus he never planned on campaigning in Erie, Pa. ‘We had this thing won.’

Oct. 21 - President Trump falsely insisted on Tuesday that the United States is “rounding the turn on the pandemic” and distorted Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s position on fracking as he sought to close ground in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Trump hammered his Democratic opponent’s energy policies, repeating a false claim that Mr. Biden supports a total ban on fracking, a major industry in the state.

In what Mr. Trump said was a first for one of his campaign rallies, he played on large video screens a montage of several clips in which Mr. Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris of California, talked about phasing out fossil fuels to combat climate change.

“If Biden is elected, he will wipe out your energy industry,” Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Trump also offered a litany of false claims about Mr. Biden’s position on the coronavirus, saying that the former vice president would “delay therapies, postpone the vaccine, prolong the pandemic, close your schools, shut down our country.” But his claim that under his own leadership, the country was “rounding the turn” on the pandemic was sharply at odds with the reality that the virus was surging both nationally and in Pennsylvania, where cases are at a level the state has not seen since April.

Mr. Biden leads Mr. Trump by an average of 7 percentage points in the state, according to the Upshot’s calculator. Mr. Trump, seeming to acknowledge that deficit, pined for the days earlier this year when his electoral standing looked brighter. Before “the plague” arrived, he said, “I wasn’t going to Erie. I mean, I have to be honest, there’s no way I was coming. I didn’t have to.”

He added, “We had this thing won.”
Mr. Trump had one other warning for voters during his rally: that Mr. Biden would fail to entertain them as he has. “If you want depression, doom and despair, vote for Sleepy Joe,” he said. “And boredom.”     source


Monday, October 19, 2020

White House News (白宮消息) | Oct 20, 2020

Tucson, Arizona Mayor 'Very Concerned' Trump's Rally Will Become a COVID 'Super Spreader' Event

Oct. 20 - The mayor of Tucson, Arizona—where President Donald Trump will hold a rally on Monday—said she is "very concerned" that the campaign event could become a "super spreader" for COVID-19.

Mayor Regina Romero, a Democrat, explained to CNN on Monday that a mask mandate implemented in her city has been correlated with a 75 percent decline in new infections. As photos and videos of recent Trump rallies in various parts of the country have shown packed venues with thousands of attendees—many of whom do not wear masks—Romero said she is worried that the president's rally could lead to an uptick in infections in Tucson.

"We are very concerned that this can become a spreader event," the mayor said. She asserted that Tucson has "made too many sacrifices" to allow coronavirus infections to once again surge.

But Romero lamented that the city "cannot do much" to force people to wear masks at the event. She explained that police officers at the rally will be there to protect the president, asserting this is the "number one concern." The mayor said that police officers would not be handing out tickets to attendees without masks.     continue to read

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Is this thing on? 

Donald Trump to be 'silenced' at debate as organisers put foot down over rules
The Commission on Presidential Debates say they will enforce rules guaranteeing each candidate two minutes of uninterrupted time - with a mute button

Oct. 20 - Organisers will be able to silence Donald Trump if he tries to disrupt Thursday's final Presidential debate.

Chaos at the first televised debate of the 2020 election prompted the Commission on Presidential Debates to make some changes - including adding a 'mute button'.

The Commission confirmed the organisers will mute the microphones of each candidate, to allow the other two minutes of uninterrupted time for each segment.

In a statement, the Commission did not characterise this as a change to the rules - but as an enforcement of the rules both camps had agreed.

They said: "Both campaigns this week reaffirmed their agreement to the two-minute, uninterrupted rule.

"The Commission is announcing today that in order to enforce this agreed upon rule, the only candidate whose microphone will be open during these two-minute periods is the candidate who has the floor under the rules."

They said the balance of each 15-minute segment would see both candidates' microphones open...     continue to read
PBS NewsHour full episode, Oct.19, 2020
Oct 20, 2020
Monday on the NewsHour, with the election only 15 days away, the candidates traverse the country to appeal to voters. Plus: COVID-19 relief negotiations in Congress, what providers are seeing as the pandemic rages in the West and Midwest, caregivers in crisis, fear as a political campaign tactic, Politics Monday with Tamara Keith and Amy Walter and an essay on interracial friendships.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

White House News (白宮消息) | Oct 19, 2020

Donald Trump Advisers Reportedly Fear He Will Lose Election, Some Already Looking For New Jobs

Oct. 18 - According to a Sunday report from The New York Times, those close to President Donald Trump fear that he will lose the upcoming presidential election to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Trump and his allies have publicly signaled confidence about the contest, dismissed public polling and worked on persuading Republican donors and voters that they have nothing to worry about.

But, in private conversations, “some of Mr. Trump’s aides are quietly conceding just how dire his political predicament appears to be, and his inner circle has returned to a state of recriminations and backbiting.”

“Some midlevel aides on the campaign have even begun inquiring about employment on Capitol Hill after the election, apparently under the assumption that there will not be a second Trump administration for them to serve in.”

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien has told Republican leaders that the commander-in-chief still has a path to victory, but even he has reportedly admitted that it is very “narrow.”

With a little over two weeks until the election, aides and advisers have reportedly realized that it is too late for a major change in strategy, so they are hoping to keep Trump “off Twitter” and avoid controversy.     more details


Dan and Nan Barker of Arizona, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who remain Republicans but do not support President Donald Trump. Source: The New York Times

How Mormons fed up with Donald Trump could help lift Joe Biden in Arizona

Loyalty to the Republican Party is ingrained in the Latter-day Saints religion. But in Arizona, some find the president’s behavior at odds with their values and are shifting to Joe Biden.

Oct. 19 - For the better part of a century, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have made their political home under the Republican Party’s tent, motivated by conservative beliefs rooted in the family values, personal liberty and economic frugality of their faith.

But some church members now find themselves in a political quandary: They’re still Republicans, but they no longer fit in with the party as exemplified by President Donald Trump, who for them represents a hard departure from the church’s teachings on sex, crude language, empathy and humility.
In Arizona — the only state up for grabs that has a significant Latter-day Saint population — a growing number are finding refuge in Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee.     more details


President Trump, in 2017, with Mark Burnett, who put his stamp on American television with the reality show “Survivor.”Credit...

Donald Trump Is Losing His Touch. So Is the TV Producer Who Shaped His Image.

Mark Burnett helped turn Donald Trump into a national figure with “The Apprentice.” But since 2016, his impact “has kind of gone bust.”

Oct. 18 - Did you catch Steve Harvey’s “Funderdome” on ABC? How about “The World’s Best” on CBS, “The Contender” on Epix, or “World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge” on Amazon Prime? Or the Christian-themed dramas “A.D. The Bible Continues” on NBC and “Messiah” on Netflix?

No? Well, you’re hardly alone. And the man behind the string of flops is Mark Burnett, the legendary TV producer who shaped Donald Trump’s image from “The Apprentice” through his 2016 inauguration. Like his greatest creation, Mr. Trump — who sought and then lost an idiotic television ratings war on Thursday night with Joe Biden — Mr. Burnett seems to be struggling to keep his grip on the cultural moment.

Mr. Burnett’s story has been told often, and until 2016 he was eager to help tell it — how he reshaped American television with “Survivor” in 2000 and how, with the 2004 start of “The Apprentice,” he “resurrected Donald Trump as an icon of American success,” as The New Yorker put it. He’s been in Mr. Trump’s ear ever since: He held a planning meeting for the 2016 inauguration in his Ritz-Carlton apartment, the event’s planner, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, wrote. His associates produced the Republican National Convention this summer, Michael Grynbaum and Annie Karni reported for The New York Times. When President Trump took the presidential helicopter from the hospital to the White House this month, panicked Twitter commentators compared an official video of his triumphal return to the work of the Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl. But Mr. Burnett was the artiste whose influence really shined through on the video, though a spokeswoman said he did not consult on it.

“The level of production coming out of the White House is something we would have appreciated having,” Bill Pruitt, a producer on the “The Apprentice,” said of the video’s specific camera angles and its particular obsession with helicopters, a longtime favorite prop of Mr. Burnett’s dating back to “Survivor.” “As is customary for this, the reality TV version of a presidential campaign, it seems they’re not striving as much for ‘four more years’ as they are ‘Season 2.’”    continue to read

PBS NewsHour Weekend Full Episode October 18, 2020
Oct 19, 2020
On this edition for Sunday, October 18, PBS NewsHour Weekend is in Ohio, reporting on how its cities are coping with the financial stresses unleashed by the pandemic, and the political state of play in the swing state as both campaigns appeal to voters weeks before the election. And, our report from ground zero of the Azerbaijan - Armenia conflict. Hari Sreenivasan anchors from Columbus, OH.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

White House News (白宮消息) | Oct 18, 2020

FBI thwarted plot to kidnap Michigan governor 02:04

Federal judge rules five men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan's governor will stand trial

Oct. 16, (CNN)A federal magistrate ruled Friday that five men will stand trial in connection with the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Brandon Caserta, Adam Fox, Kaleb Franks, Ty Garbin and Daniel Harris were charged with conspiracy to kidnap.

US Magistrate Judge Sally Berens said that there was ample evidence of probable cause and bound them over for trial.During the preliminary hearing, Fox's attorney, Helen Nieuwenhuis, and Garbin's attorney, Gary Springstead, questioned FBI Special Agent Richard Trask about the actions of the armed extremist group.

He testified that he heard discussion of the plot to kidnap Whitmer before President Donald Trump's tweet in mid-April saying "LIBERATE MICHIGAN!"...     more



Maps, chats among evidence released in alleged kidnapping plot against Gretchen Whitmer

Oct. 18 - GRAND RAPIDS — The U.S. Attorney's Office in Grand Rapids on Friday released a wide range of photos, videos and other exhibits introduced into evidence at a preliminary examination for six men charged with conspiring to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Exhibits introduced before U.S. Magistrate Judge Sally Berens include:
  • Videos of live-fire training exercises.

  • Still photos and videos from surveillance conducted outside Whitmer's family cottage in northern Michigan.

  • An image of a map of the area around Whitmer's cottage allegedly drawn by plot ringleader Adam Fox. Prosecutors redacted parts of the map so it would not show where the house is located.
  • Images of chat threads among the various defendants, discussing their plans. The chats were encrypted, but the FBI and prosecutors were able to de-encrypt them, because a confidential informant who was part of the anti-government group was included in the chat strings.
  • Photos of various firearms.
  • A self-made video of one of the defendant's tirades against the police.
The Detroit Free Press requested release of the exhibits.

Some of the photos and videos were shot by one of two confidential informants who had been accepted by the Wolverine Watchmen as a member of the anti-government group, sometimes described as a militia group.

On Friday, Berens wrapped up a preliminary examination and said there is enough evidence to send five of the six defendants to trial. The sixth man is awaiting extradition from Delaware. All six men have been in custody since their Oct. 7 arrests.
In addition to the federal defendants, eight other men are facing terrorism-related charges filed by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.     source


Thursday, October 15, 2020

White House News (白宮消息) | Oct 16, 2020

US Army leaders are looking to field a new ground-to-ground missile with a range of more than 900 miles. Since the US left the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in August 2019, it has pursued several such weapons, which violate the treaty’s peace-promoting parameters.

Oct 15 - Brig. Gen. John Rafferty, director of the US Army’s Long-Range Precision Fires (LRPF) Cross-Functional Team, said recently that an intermediate-range missile capable of hitting targets between 500 and 1,500 kilometers (310 and 930 miles) away would be a serious asset in a future conflict with Russia or China.

For perspective, 930 miles is the distance from Moscow to the German-Polish border, or from Okinawa to Dalian.“What a dilemma that would create for our adversary,” Rafferty said on September 29 at the 2020 Army Fires Conference. “How we would change the calculus in a second, if we could deliver this kind of capability out there.”     more detail
【精華】台美友好別忘塔利班下場! 美售台「攻擊型武器」挑釁陸...五年後才到貨?

Oct 15, 2020
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 15th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News
Oct 16, 2020
OCTOBER 15, 2020
Campaign 2020
President Trump Holds Rally in Greenville, North Carolina

President Trump delivered remarks at a campaign rally in Greenville, NC, less than three weeks before Election Day and on the first day of voting in the state. During his remarks, President Trump hit on a number of his campaign’s cornerstone issues, including the economy, trade, and border security. He also criticized North Carolina’s Governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat, for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and called on him to reopen the state. Also during his remarks, President Trump talked about a recent New York Post story regarding his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. President Trump was next expected to travel to Florida and Georgia the following day to continue a campaign swing through the Southeast U.S. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

White House News (白宮消息) | Oct 15, 2020

Twitter CEO calls blocking New York Post article without explanation 'unacceptable'

Oct. 15 - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Wednesday that it was “unacceptable” for the social media platform to block users from linking to a New York Post article without context explanation for the decision.

“Our communication around our actions on the @nypost article was not great. And blocking URL sharing via tweet or DM with zero context as to why we’re blocking: unacceptable,” Dorsey tweeted Wednesday.     source

“Our communication around our actions on the @nypost article was not great,” Twitter CEO says

Oct. 15 - 
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted on Wednesday that the company did an “unacceptable” job of explaining why the platform started blocking users from sharing the link to a widely questioned and dubiously sourced New York Post story about Hunter Biden.

“Our communication around our actions on the @nypost article was not great. And blocking URL sharing via tweet or DM with zero context as to why we’re blocking: unacceptable,” Dorsey tweeted.     details

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared to step back from the social media giant's restrictions on an article about VP Joe Biden on Wednesday night

Facebook is squashing a New York Post story which claims Joe Biden met with a Ukrainian businessman while he was Vice President, saying it needs to be fact-checked first by its chosen third party before they will allow people to share it more online.  The announcement came on Wednesday without any justification or explanation from the social media giant.  It thrusts into the spotlight again the exorbitant power Facebook has not only over the circulation of news but also over politics and the spread of information, and comes at a particularly tense moment given the Presidential election is in just three weeks.  
PBS NewsHour full episode, Oct. 14, 2020
Oct 15, 2020
Wednesday on the NewsHour, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee conclude their questioning of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Plus: Legal and political analysis of Barrett’s testimony, early voting in Georgia, the security of mail-in ballots compared to older voting machines, a health expert on seeking COVID-19 immunity and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on his new book and the pandemic

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

White House News (白宮消息) | Oct 14, 2020

US elections 2020: what if Donald Trump refuses to concede?
Trump has repeatedly stated that he may refuse to accept defeat in the coming election. As Lawrence Douglas explains, things could get very messy if the result is close

Oct. 14 - In the run-up to the 2016 election, Donald Trump famously declared that he would accept the result of the contest with Hillary Clinton, before pausing for dramatic effect and adding: “If I win.” Even after being sworn in as president he cast doubt over the legitimacy of millions of votes that had seen him lose the popular vote while winning in the electoral college.
This time around, with millions more than usual expected to vote by mail and with him trailing badly in the polls, Trump is once again questioning the legitimacy of the voting system.

Prof Lawrence Douglas, the author of the recently published Will He Go?, tells Anushka Asthana that the stage is being set for a disputed election if the result hinges on small margins and mail-in ballots, which take longer to count. In this scenario, he believes Trump is likely to refuse to concede if the vote goes against him.

It could open up a legal and political minefield that the US constitution and the separated powers of the US government is ill-equipped to deal with. One thing is clear: a new president must be sworn in at noon on 21 January 2020. But who turns up to that ceremony could be the result of a bitter and protracted battle.     source

Russia dismisses Trump administration efforts to secure nuclear arms deal before election

Oct. 15 - (CNN)Russia on Tuesday reject.ed assertions by the Trump administration that the US and Russia had come to a "gentlemen's agreement" on extending a key arms control agreement and dismissed the idea that a deal would be reached before the US presidential election.

US Special Presidential Envoy for Arms Control Marshall Billingslea on Tuesday said he believed "that there is an agreement in principle at the highest levels of our two governments" for the US to extend the New START Treaty "for some period of time" in exchange for Russia freezing its nuclear arsenal.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Rybakov quickly rebuffed the comments, saying the position on freezing the arsenal was "unacceptable," according to state run news agency RIA Novosti.     continue to read

Russia shuts down Trump admin's last-minute push to strike nuclear arms deal before election

Oct 15 - Russia dismissed claims from the Trump administration that Moscow and Washington had reached an agreement on extending a top arms control agreement, saying it was unlikely any deal would be reached prior to the November election.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Rybakov specifically pushed back on claims from administration officials that the U.S. would extend the New START Treaty for an undetermined period of time if Russia froze its nuclear arsenal.

"The US position in favor of putting a freeze [on the nuclear arsenal] has long been known to us, it is unacceptable to us. Not because we are against freezing, but because we need to deal with the problems of strategic stability as a complex," Rybakov told state run news agency RIA Novosti, according to CNN.

"If the Americans need to report to their superiors something about allegedly reaching an agreement with the Russian Federation before their elections, then they will not get it," he added.     continue to read

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